Millions of people right now are out of work and looking for a way to make their job hunt more successful. A large percentage of these people are starting their search online through sites like Monster, Indeed, and SimplyHired. Today we are taking a look at 4 simple things you can do to make your online job search more successful and get your experience and skills noticed. 

Set Up Email Job Alerts 

Depending on the sites that you have been using to search for job listings, you may be able to set up an automatic alert notification for any new jobs that meet your job criteria. This will help you apply for jobs as soon as they are posted, making it more likely employers will notice you.

These email alerts will also cut down on the number of hours you will need to spend scrolling through job sites looking for key words and job listings that fit your skills and experience level. Don’t forget when you refine the criteria for your search to include skills, keywords, and, of course your zip code. 

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Post Your Résumé

While you are conducting your search on each job listing site, make it easy for hiring managers to find you by posting your résumé on their sites. Posting your résumé and cover letter can make it easier for companies who are hiring for specific positions to find someone with the right skills and level of experience. Unfortunately, if you do post your résumé, your current employer may be able to see that you are job hunting. Sadly, with the large number of unemployed in our nation, this may not be an issue. 

Do Your Research 

For every company that you send in an application and post your résumé, you will want to spend some time researching their business. Include in your research the current state of the company including the remote work opportunities. In addition, find out if the position is long term or will be a short term hiring.

In your research find out how they are conducting interviews remotely and make sure you have access to the application or software they will be using. Also look into who will be conducting the interview and what specific skills they are searching for so you can tailor your answers to that position. 

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Clean Up Your Social Media 

Once you have your résumé out there and your name is clearly stated on all forms, an employer may start their investigation of whether you will be a good fit for the company on social media platforms. Be sure that your pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok include images and videos that you would want a potential employer to see. Delete any profanity, inappropriate images, and extreme posts that may put your employment in jeopardy. 

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