For many of us, quarantine involves working remotely from the safety of our home. Sadly, for others it may mean the loss of a job or a furlough with the promise of rehiring once the social distancing rules have been lifted. 

In either case, many Americans are finding that this time is perfect to take advantage of “downtime” at home. Building your employment skills, getting an online certification, or gaining a specific skill that could help advance your career is a perfect option for this unprecedented time in our collective history. 

computer with booksSpecific Skills 

Does your job involve using Excel Spreadsheets, Google Suite, social media platforms, or presentation software that you could use a refresh on or learn for the first time? Many programs offer tutorials and certifications that can help you master the applications or programs during this time. 

Free Digital Courses 

There are quite literally millions of courses that you can take online that are free or fairly inexpensive. Use sites such as Lynda, Udemy, or Skillshare. Now is the time to dedicate to starting and completing a course. What’s more, some course sites are now offering discounts to make learning available to everyone in quarantine.

man listening to webinar


Before Covid-19, you may not have had time to get your daily work completed. If you find that working remotely has freed up some time that was once spent in meetings or commuting, you may have some extra time to watch or listen to webinars that could advance your career or help you in areas where your skills are weaker. 

Attend a Virtual Event

According to Fast Company online, “During the quarantine, events that wouldn’t normally be available online are now being offered virtually. Large events, such as Salesforce Connections and the Adobe Summit, are not only virtual this year but free to attend—making them available to you regardless of location or budget.”

Are you taking advantage of your quarantine time? Take some of these suggestions to advance your career, learn a new skill, or hone the skills you already have.