F1rstJobs is the North Shore’s Summer Jobs initiative, which began in 2005, and was a response to the incredible demand for summer jobs on the part of students, their families, and educators. Through F1rstJobs, teens receive training on how to find, get, and keep a job. Companies are asked to hire teens – or to provide financial support for a teen to work in a non-profit organization. These jobs and funds are combined with other resources (such as YouthWorks) to provide a substantial pool to which teens who have gone through the workshops are referred for interview.

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Another part of our region’s summer jobs program is the YouthWorks project. YouthWorks places income eligible teens in part time subsidized summer jobs in local public and non-profit organizations across the region. Youth also receive intensive training and other supports to remain successfully employed, and to prepare for unsubsidized jobs in the private sector, the ultimate goal of the program. The program requires that 90% of students must reside in Lynn, Salem, or Peabody, which are North Shore “Gateway Cities” with higher level of poverty. The remaining slots can be used for jobs in any of our other communities.

All enrolled students receive work experience of 10-20 hours per week at minimum wage, as well as 15 hours of workshops and training in topics such as OSHA/Workplace Safety, Financial Management, Interviewing Skills, Dress for Success , and Workplace Etiquette/Keeping a Job, which are all part of Commonwealth Corporation’s job readiness curriculum “Signal Success”.

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