F1rst Jobs

The summer of 2021 marks our sixteenth year of F1rst Jobs. We are offering a hybrid of programs, to include some on-site, outdoor work opportunities as well as virtual career learning experiences provided by YouthWorks.

Thank you for your interest in our F1rst Jobs Summer Program.

At this time, our application process has ended for summer programming.

If you would like some assistance with your job search, please email
Jenny Rosenfield at jrosenfield@masshire-nscareers.org, Rober Fraizer at rfraizer@masshire-nscareers.org, or
Jethro Alouidor at jalouidor@masshire-nscareers.org

Summer Application 2021 by City:





All youth are required to complete the workshop series to obtain job placement. Completion of the application and completion of workshops does not guarantee job placement.

Questions/concerns/appointments regarding the application/process please call the North Shore Youth Career Center Staff:

These are the most commonly used documents. Please select one of the documents from each of the four sections.

  1. Proof of Address
    • Current Utility bill with address and dated within the past 30 days; can be in parent’s or guardians name
    • Current Lease
    • Postmarked envelope within the past 30 days
    • Current Food Stamp or TAFDC benefits later; must include youth name; dated within the last 30 days
  2. Proof of Age and US Citizenship
    • US birth certificate or US passport
    • Valid permanent resident card/I-94 card (copy of front and back)
    • US naturalization certificate
  3. Proof of Household Income
    • Free or Reduced Lunch Documentation
    • Student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP)
    • Most recent paystubs for all members of the family listed on page 4 with year to date totals
    • SSI; SSDI; Survivor Benefits from the Social Security office
    • Current Food Stamp or TAFDC benefits letter; must include youth name; dated within the last six months
  4. Proof of Social Security Number
    • Social Security Card
    • Letter from Social Security office with social security name and number included

Please note that not all sample backup documentation is listed on this sheet. If you have any questions regarding your backup documentation please call the MassHire North Shore Youth Career Center staff.