This past year has been a struggle for many in our region, from layoffs and business shutdowns to so many people suffering the devastating impacts of a virus that was uncontrolled for so long. Like many in our state and country, we have been looking for the light at the end of the tunnel that will signal the end of this global health crisis and have begun to take steps to reopen our centers and continue our mission in the months ahead. 

As we begin to reopen, we welcome feedback and suggestions from our partners on how to make this process a smooth and safe one. If you, your employees, or partners have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please reach out to us and we will make every attempt to work within the guidance we have been given by the state of Massachusetts. 

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Return to Work for Staff Members 

In order to start the process of bringing our staff back into the office, we have taken all of the guidelines very seriously. This includes the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), appropriate signage regarding walking directions, maintaining 6 feet of social distancing with signage, daily temperature checks, and COVID-19 questionnaires. 

With these protocols in mind, the Career Center will be bringing back staff on June 21, 2021, in a staggered concept. 

Reopening Plans for Customers

It is our plan to be open for our customers by mid-to-late July 2021. Meetings with staff members will take place by appointment only and will be scheduled using software and calendars that will be shared with all partners. 

While the main center will be closed, both conference rooms have been set up for appointments with plexiglass dividers, masking, and socially distant seating arrangements. Customers will not enter the main center. 

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Protocols While In main Office 

When the main office does open in a staggered capacity, there will be many new safety protocols that we ask everyone to follow. These include: 

  • Taped areas for 6-foot distancing (yellow tape will be used for demarcation)
  • Yellow floor signs indicating messages to maintain 6 feet distances
  • Yellow floor signs at each office and doorway indicating for all staff and visitors to “keep your distance”
  • Yellow arrows identifying safe distancing paths
  • 6 sanitizing tables throughout the office
  • Sanitizing tables and signage in both facilities

In addition…

  • There will be no in-house meetings.
  • The resource room will not be utilized by customers until further notice.
  • Public spaces and common areas within the career center are prohibited including; reception, and staff lounge, and resource room.

Please contact us with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions that can make this return to work a successful and safe one for everyone.