Be sure NOT TO MISS our

Career Center on the GO… 

in a city near you!

Coming Soon

(If your organization will like to host the Career Center on the Go… at your facility, 

please connect with Eliud Alcalá –

The Career Center of the GO… is an event that is OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC; and an opportunity to bring services provided by the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development directly to the hands of our community residents.  During this visit the following information will be imparted:  

  • Career Coach Advising – An opportunity where residents can speak one-on-one with an Advising Coach about the possibility of ANY Training Opportunities offered at MHNSCC. Training Opportunities such as career certifications, Industry-specific training (Healthcare, Manufacturing), or simply career pathways.

  • Job Search Assistance–   This is a unique chance to review the labor market in various industries and discuss salary expectations, ONE-ON-ONE Résumé Review, and connections with meaningful jobs and careers. 

No Need to register in advance! No Cost to attend!  This event is open to the General Public.   Walk-Ins are WELCOME!