Earn and Learn: Behavioral Health Specialist | Mental Health Counselor Training Opportunity in North Shore MA, Is collaboratively launched by Salem Hospital, Beverly Hospital, North Shore Community College, and MASSHIRE – North Shore Career Center.

In a groundbreaking initiative set to commence in February 2024, Salem Hospital, Beverly Hospital, and North Shore Community College have joined forces to introduce a pioneering earn-and-learn opportunity in the field of Behavioral Health. This collaborative effort aims to empower individuals residing in the North Shore area and provide them with a unique chance to work, earn competitive wages, and simultaneously pursue education in this rewarding healthcare domain.

The program presents a remarkable prospect for participants to engage actively in the Behavioral Health departments of Salem Hospital and Beverly Hospital, while concurrently enrolling in accredited college courses offered by North Shore Community College. Through a once-an-evening, online classes via Zoom -every Tuesday night, participants can conveniently access education. This initiative stands as a beacon for those who have harbored aspirations of entering the healthcare industry but faced barriers to realizing those dreams.

“We’re thrilled to offer this transformative opportunity,” stated Mary Sarris, Executive Director of the North Shore Workforce Board, highlighting the program’s core benefits – (6) 3 credit college courses at North Shore Community College, all provided at no cost to participants. This unique blend of hands-on experience and academic learning opens doors for individuals seeking to embark on a fulfilling career path in healthcare.

The eligibility requirements are straightforward – residents of the North Shore area with a desire to work in any of these hospitals or their affiliates, the ability to attend college courses via Zoom, and access to a computer.

This initiative exemplifies a commitment to fostering career development opportunities while addressing critical healthcare needs in the North Shore community. 

Classes will begin promptly at the beginning of 2024.   Nilsa can be reached at nviera@masshire-nscareers.org  For further information, please visit www.masshire-nscareers.org   Or to schedule a One-On-One conversation with Nilsa, Please select HERE